Would you like access to a gemologist consultant before you buy or sell that eBay or online jewel?

Have your own personal consultant.

If you're an online buyer (or seller) of jewels, simply email me the URL or link of the jewel you're interested in.

Based on a gemologist's assessment of what's shown in the listing (and not stated) and questions to the Seller, I'll give you a professional opinion.

Then you're in the driver's seat before you buy and risk disappointment and hassles ! 

Click here for the complete Terms and Agreement to know how this works.


Buying jewels online is very, very risky.

You can find some incredible treasures - I do continually (but I know what to look for).

But far more often for most buyers, it's . . . disappointment, and worse. Many people absorb the loss rather than fight to set it right, especially if the seller is overseas.

Online sellers come and go, fast.

Don't be a casualty.


Simply email me the URL or link of the jewel you're watching or interested in. (I'll give you my private rapid-response email address when you sign up.)

Give me a little time before an auction ends, and I'll get back to you by phone, email, or text (your choice), to discuss my findings and your best options.


4 Consultations (4 URLS or links to jewels of interest), $87



Sellers have no choice but to reveal a huge amount of information  - both by what's in  their descriptions and photographs but, more importantly, by what's missing!

I love to ask sellers the questions they avoid answering.

It feels like being a gemological Sherlock Holmes - sorting through the clues -  to find the treasures or killers!


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